Hey, I'm Seph!

I'm a full stack engineer with a heavy leaning on back end
I'm currently in NYC and running my own business
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Instagram Automation Services


Instagram Automation Services

We automate your instagram while targeting a tailored audience for you and your brand in order to bring valuable attention to your account while saving you time.

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Instagram Automation Services


A Medium Publication for Developers

A fairly new publication for some weightier engineering topics. A platform for not only myself but other devs to come share their knowledge!

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Instagram Automation Services

DVLPR Apparel

Cool Developer Apparel Made for Devs by Devs

After being faced with being a terribly cool dresser in the amazingly fashionable city of New York and only having access to branded graphic company tees for developer-ware, I decided to create a brand that represented the dev community for the seriously cool people that they are with clothes that I'd be proud to sport around town!

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Developer Nation

DVLPR Nation

A Community for Up and Coming Devs

DVLPR Nation is a place for devs to share resources and ideas, collaborate on projects, grow together as well as individually. I'ts a community of support, a community that knows that if they want to reach their ambitions and become great devs they have to match it with their work ethic. If this sounds like what you're looking for then join over 800 of us! You belong here!

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A playlist I created, build upon, and use daily to program and work to. Instramental with little to no words for maximum focus. This playlist takes you through highs to keep your motivation up and lows that pull you into a deep focus. 14+ hours of pure focus.

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